OK, I’m here, now what

Thought it might be interesting to put together a blog. I tend to read lots of stuff. Thought it might be interesting to write a few things.

I get paid to manage software development teams. I enjoy what I do. There’s never a dull moment & I get a chance to work with a bunch of bright people, whether they are employees, customers, peers or executives. I get to make a difference & learn as I go along.

Thought I’d setup a blog as a form of professional therapy. A lot of the things I read are for both professional growth as well as personal enjoyment. Given my chosen career, many of these topics have to do with business, managing people (recently topics about things like change management), technology, and development processes (I’ve become enamored with agile and lean methodologies).


About Mike Rodbell

I'm a technology leader, engaged in developing software for the telecom, online commerce, and business process/analysis markets. All of the teams I've worked with have had a great deal in common. They need to be good at what they do, listen, share, and collaborate towards a shared set of goals. This blog is dedicated to those activities. I hope you enjoy reading it.
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  1. look at this! There’s a way to comment on blog entries. Very neat!

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