I’m Mike Rodbell.  My experience includes a range of technical and business leadership roles, including VP of product development for Metastorm/OpenText, and AOL/Advertising.com. I have a wonderful wife, Katy, and children (errr, young adults), Dan, and Ginny. Katy and I live in Maryland, just north of Baltimore and our kids are in New Orleans. We’ve adopted New Orleans as a bit of our second home & greatly enjoy visiting the kids. What a great place!

If you find that you, or those you may know may benefit from my help, please reach out. I love helping to get teams moving in the right direction and delivering the products and services that help they and their stakeholders (whomever they may be) succeed.

I’ve been in the software and consulting industry for quite a while. I started out as a programmer, found that I enjoyed working with people as much as machines, went into consulting for a while, then started my own shop (consulting, software development), and found my way into managing groups of folks engaged in producing a range of software. There have always been ups and downs.

I even have hobbies that don’t include writing. I stink at golf, but have taken a vow to ensure that all golf ball manufacturers remain solvent. Too bad the balls aren’t. There are many ponds in the Maryland area that I’ve filled…. I also enjoy playing music, and am still reasonably competent playing the guitar & getting to a point where my skills with the mandolin are catching up. Its a great way to kick back and relax (unlike when I was a teenager & it was a really GREAT way to annoy parents, neighbors, and wildlife). Goes to show you what getting a bit older can bring.  More recently, I’ve found opportunities to join others in meetup coordinated jam sessions around town. The power of social media is fantastic! I’m finding that I am able to meet some great people/musicians and improve my skills.

In the past, I’ve written for periodicals (when those things would be put into print). This blogging page offers a new outlet for those activities.


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