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Some Interesting Sites With Info About Leadership, Organizational Dynamics and Behavior

So, what in life is really, truly, completely new? Very little. Even the Beatles weren’t terribly bashful about copying others (themselves included). While I have no delusions that even begin to go as far as comparing myself to the Beatles, over the years, I’ve found that many of the following people and organizations published some very interesting ideas that have come in handy as I’ve learned the ropes of management. All of these sites are well worth a look!

Heath Brothers

Marshall Goldsmith

John Kotter (the source of the burning platform analogy)

Malcolm Gladwell

Clay Shirky (Cognitive Surplus)

TED (really cool presentations)

Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Seth Godin

Jim Collins (the “good to great” guy)

Geoffrey Moore (of “Crossing the Chasm” fame. Very popular in the heated, errr, overheated 90’s)

Ram Charan (Management Pipeline, some good guidance on how to build a sustainable organization)

Bob Martin (a friend of mine and great leadership/change management consultant)

Interesting link to an article about the characteristics of a team make it smart:’t-necessarily-make-the-group-smart/

Agility/Lean Processes

Eli Goldratt (Theory of Constraints)

The Agile Alliance

Ken Schwaber (early proponent of SCRUM)

GearStream is a company focused on helping their clients achieve agility. Their CEO, Brad Murphy occasionally publishes some interesting thoughts in his blog, that can be found at:

David Andersen (applications of Theory of Constraints to Software)


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