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Global Software Development — Training the New Team

Getting back to the previous thread about building global teams. As you assemble the new team, one of the first, and most important activities will be to get the new team ready. Consider the following: Hire people with the right skills … Continue reading

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Getting the most out of your team

I recently saw some interesting discussions and posts regarding team velocity, metrics, and how to get the most out of a technology team. The original question was about how to increase a team’s velocity. The conversation was interesting & I … Continue reading

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Global Software Development — Assembling Your Team

Continuing the discussion on Establishing Distributed Teams. Now that you’ve decided to build out a new team, presumably far away, there are several decisions that you’ll want to make. These include, but aren’t limited to: Decide on your staffing model. … Continue reading

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Global Software Development – Identifying New Team Structure and Onboarding Strategy

Continuing the topic of how to build global teams. Much like the earlier process discussions, when you’re going to be building a new team, whether down the hall, or across the globe, there are going to be an assortment of … Continue reading

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Global Software Development — Modeling Your Transition

Another chapter in the thread I started a while back…. As you start to enter into the process of moving work to new locations, there’s plenty to consider. I’ve found that its helpful to build out a model of the … Continue reading

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Global Software Development — Aligning Team Roles

Continuing the thread started here. As you consider distributing your workforce, whether as a realignment or addition, you will want to determine how the roles of the different groups will relate to one another. Over the years, I’ve seen several … Continue reading

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